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I used to have a video server where I hosted small, medium and large versions of some of the ride and show videos I took at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, that server has not been available since some time in 2002. I am now experimenting with bringing some of my videos back on this server, assuming I can afford the bandwidth and disk space they will require.

Please be aware that this site costs me money, but feel free to download as many videos as you want -- that is why they are here. If you have a high speed internet connection, I would prefer you to download and save a local copy rather than coming here and playing it each time since that will chew up more bandwidth than if you just download it once.

To keep things from getting out of hand, this site has a bandwidth limit. When reached, it will go offline until next month (or until I increase the limit). It will be interesting to see how soon this happens.

I have 51 files (424 megs) of movies that is just for the small 160x120 versions. The large 320x240 versions take over 2 gigs, so I don't think I'll be able to host them any time soon. BUT... If you would like to get larger sized versions of any of these movies, I could probably send them to you on a CD-R. You can also get a full quality copy on video DVD.

-- Allen
If you need to e-mail me, the domain is and my address is "allen".

QuickTime .mov files (see below for a list):

>>> Click HERE to download videos (160x120) <<<

Disney's California Adventure
Title Description Length 160x120 240x180 320x240
LuminAria The December 2001 holiday fireworks lagoon show. 11:11 18.02MB 38.31MB 71.82MB
Superstar Limo DCA's only dark ride. It features a video screen in each vehicle. 3:51 7.19MB 14.73MB 26.40MB
Disneyland Park
Title Description Length 160x120 240x180 320x240
Alice in Wonderland A psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole. 5:03 4.6MB 9.16MB 27.07MB
Carousel Take a ride on the Fantasyland carousel. 2:20 7MB 15.24MB 32.82MB
Club Buzz The Buzz Lightyear stage show in Tomorrowland 18:15 29.85MB 105.94MB 190.27MB
Haunted Mansion Holiday (version 1) The Nightmare Before Christmas makeover of the Mansion. 14:28 15.66MB 31.61MB 58.73MB
Haunted Mansion Holiday (version 2) Another attempt to tape the attraction. I think version 1 is better. It is odd that the 160x120 and 240x180 versions are smaller here than version 1 (mostly because v1 stops for awhile in front of Jack), but I can't explain why V2's 320x240 is larger. It must be some weird thing with compression at that size. 15:09 8.62MB 16.20MB 61.82MB
Marching Band Welcome to Disneyland! The train pulls into Main Street station and then the band starts playing. 3:28 9.75MB 21.20MB 38.75MB
Pinocchio's Daring Journey A trip to Pleasure Island, and beyond. 3:50 1.9MB 3.76MB 15.17MB
Pinocchio NV NightVision version. 3:15 1.8MB 3.58MB 13.54MB
Railroad through the Grand Canon From Tomorrowland to Main Street, USA. 3:24 5.6MB 12.37MB 30.49MB
Roger Rabbit A full ride through this spinny Toontown classic! 5:04 3.6MB 6.94MB 23.25MB
Rope Drop The crowds at the end of Main Street USA are released. 1:20 2.7MB 5.83MB 13.02MB
Rule Breaker Caught on tape: A kid foolishly climbs up the berm behind the Haunted Mansion ignoring the spikes and other dangerous things that could have hurt him very badly if he had tripped. Dangerous and stupid. :45 1.47MB 3.35MB 6.53MB
Snow White's Scary Adventure It's off to ride we go... Of course, alot is so dark you can't tell what is going on, but you can hear it. 3:51 2.5MB 4.91MB 17.07MB
Snow White NV I made a NightVision version. 2:07 1.3MB 2.69MB 9.43MB
The Magic Kingdom
Title Description Length 160x120 240x180 320x240
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin A fantastic arcade experience where you get to ride through a blacklight lit dark ride and shoot at targets. Just great. 8:07 11.5MB    
Cinderella Castle Inside A quick tour of the waiting area for the castle restaurant. 1:30 1.3MB    
Haunted Mansion (NightVision) A trip through the Mansion peeking aroud with a zoom lense in Night Vision mode. Spiffy! 7:46 4MB    
Haunted Mansion - Stuck in the Graveyard The ride stopped in front of the graveyard band so I played around with NightVision for a few minutes. 4:00 1.7MB    
Haunted Mansion - Outside A quick tour around the grounds, including the pet cemetary and Madame Leota's cart. 2:20 3.9MB    
The Jungle Cruise An awful video. It's just like being there -- when you were stuck at the very back and couldn't see much! 10:28 24.9MB    
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The Magic Kingdom's newest (and best) dark ride. 4:38 6.85MB 13.86MB 25.24MB
Peter Pan's Flight Take a ride to Neverland. 3:34 3.76MB 7.74MB 14.56MB
A Parrot's Life for Me The "barker bird" outside the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean 1:11 1.75MB 3.54MB 6.43MB
Pirates of the Caribbean (NightVision) The full ride as seen through NightVision infrared. 8:34 10.55MB 21.46MB 39.67MB
Snow White's Scary Adventures See the final scene that is missing in the Disneyland version. 3:43 4.29MB 8.90MB 16.61MB
Sonny Eclipse Tomorrowland's lounge lizard plays a number or two. I would have taped more, but lunch arrived. 3:39 7.8MB    
Space Mountain Queue They told me to turn off the camera right at the top of the lift hill, so this video is mostly the queue and the FedEx planet scenes at the end. 6:06 4.3MB    
Tiki Room: Under New Management A portion of the preshow then all of the show inside including the very last bit of dialog before the show resets. Most people have left the theater by then so they never hear this tribute to the original version. 14:06 14.5MB 49.18MB 89.92MB
Tomorrowland Transit Authority The attraction formerly known as the Peoplemover, complete. 11:40 22.8MB    
Title Description Length 160x120 240x180 320x240
Ellen Animatronic A few seconds of the 3rd generation animatronic of Ellen from Universe of Energy. :37 540K    
Food Rocks The animatronic food rock concert in The Land. 14:58 19.4MB    
Journey Into YOUR Imagination Video from the queue and the entire ride. 14:35 12.8MB    
The Living Seas The pre-show before the pavilion. 7:41 6.2MB    
Living With the Land Another Disney boat ride. 12:55 16.3MB    
Maelstrom The Norway boat adventure including footage of the hidden Mickey in the queue 5:32 3.8MB    
Mexico Boat Cruise It's a Mexico small world! The full Rivers of Time. 7:25 6.3MB    
Spaceship Earth A trip through time, presented by AT&T. 16:07 7.4MB    
Disney/MGM Studios
Title Description Length 160x120 240x180 320x240
Fantasmic Hollywood 1, 2 and 3 Seating isn't the best here due to the light poles everywhere, so this video isn't all that great. It is the complete show divided into several parts for easier downloading. 9:39
The Great Movie Ride Not the best video and it's missing the end movie sequence, but the actual ride is here 18:09 14.3MB    
Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 I split this one up into five parts, and left out all the preshow (where they recruit members of the audience). Part 1, 3 and 5 are the actual stunt sequences, while parts 2 and 4 are the scenes in between with the extras and crew dialog. 4:40


Voyage of the Little Mermaid The entire show, including some cool NightVision footage that shows the magic of the puppeteers that you normally can't see! Amazing stuff. If you've ever wondered how it all works, this will show you. 15:59 8.5MB